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We are dedicated to delivering excellent marketing services to anyone with a vision and a goal. No matter if you are just starting out or have already been in business for years and are looking for help to lighten the workload, Some Agency is the perfect partner for you.


We don't like wasting time and money and we are sure neither do you. Hence, we always start off with a discussing your business strategy initially or creating one for you. This is the basis for all further activities and will help us all define clear targets and goals which we will then happily measure ourselves by.


Every business owner and every brand is unique. All of our advice is tailored to your need as their is no "one size fits all" approach in our business. Creativity and thinking outside the box is what fuels the creative engines at Some Agency and this will help you and your company stand out on the market.

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Our Services

Social Media Strategy
We live and breath Social Media. Creating a strategy individually to your brand's needs is at the core of Some Agency.
Content Creation
No matter if you need short format content for Social (written & visual) or long format content for your blog, magazine etc. , we are ready to help you bring your brand to life.
Social Media Campaigns
Nowadays, organic content alone won't be able to break through the clutter. With targeted social campaigns we will make your brand stand out.
With ballbox we are in the fortunate position to support you also offline with Marketing material for industry fairs or with realizing unique experiential marketing activities.
Podcast Strategy
Planning and creating your own podcast or looking for existing podcast shows to participate in or to sponsor? Say no more.
Podcast Production
You want to give your brand a voice but you hav no clue how to get the right audio quality? Planning, scheduling, editing and promoting podcasts is our core business.
Marketing Strategy
Let's find out what your goals and milestones are and who we are targeting on which channel. Any great Marketing success starts with a sold strategy.
Graphic Design
Infographics, Podcast Cover Art, Logos, Business Cards, Leaflets, Posters, Roll-ups and any other graphic design project you can imagine ... we are the right partner for you!
Newsletter, Blogs, Photoshoots...
Not enough? Our team has worked on a number of different projects in the communications field and if we are unable to support we can point you in the direction of someone who can. Simply reach out!

Ballbox is the longest established subbrand run by the Some Agency team. The ballbox brand is known as an event agency in the Austrian prom and conventions industry. As the first company Victoria founded while still being at university it will always hold a special place in our company structure.

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German Content Vienna Berlin

Some Agency is proud to be part of German Content Vienna Berlin, an agency-like network which is able to provide any kind of service within the realm of digital marketing. Working with GCVB we are able to cover any individual requirements a client might have to achieve their individual goals. .

Find out more about gcvb
Women's Mindset
WM Partner Network

As our team largely consists of strong, powerful, creative women, it is only natural that we also support other business women. Women's Mindset is a community of female entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world step-by-step by redefining what is possible for female leaders in a male-dominated business world.

Find out more about Women's Mindset club
Digital World Academy
WM Partner Network

We are proud to teach our knowledge and skills to other Marketing enthusiasts as part of the digital world academy trainer team.

If you are interested in building your own social media or podcast skillset, check out the academy's courses and hit me up for your individual discount code.

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WM Partner Network
WM Partner Network
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