SAYTV Technology is a start-up that provides a white label app as well as an SDK solution which adds community features to content.
January 2021 - ongoing
Victoria Hufnagl, Nikolett Balázs-Fülöp
Social Channels
SAYTV Technology initially started out as an app with which users could chat during prime time TV shows as well as sports events. After a successful collaboration with the Caribbean Premier League in the summer of 2021 the company started providing its features to further sports, gambling and OTT streaming platforms.

In the last two years we have supported SAYTV Technology with a wide range of services from offering strategic marketing advice to project management on concrete events. Some Agency was in charge to training and supervising the community management happening in the app as well as promoting the app (as well as its partner apps) through social media and newsletters.

At the start of 2023, Some Agency provided Marketing material (roll-ups, banner, show cases, One Pagers, etc.) to support SAYTV Technology's sales initiatives at the ICE London. We are happy to keep supporting the innovative and highly motivated team at SAYTV Technology with their LinkedIn strategy as well as content creation for their blog in the future.
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