Aloe Base contacted us to create a complete digital marketing strategy and execute it accordingly to build their sustainable Aloe Vera business in Austria.
From July 2022 - ongoing
Victoria Hufnagl, Karoline Praschek
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Aloe Base is a purpose-driven start-up lead by successful entrepreneur Marika Sokol. The principles of Aloe Base are experience food, sustainable agriculture and zero waste.

When Aloe Base first approached us the company had just launched its first products on the market: The sustainable, farm-to-table Aloe Vera leaf from Aloe Base' very own farm in Greece. Our job was to create Marketing strategy that would first establish brand awareness and then generate first customers.

Working with GCVB, Some Agency was put in charge of Social Media Content Creation, Social Advertisement, Podcast Production and Mailings. Using Social Advertising, we reached more than 55.000 people, generated more than 700 views landing page clicks and over 350 add-to-cart actions in one campaign.

So far we were able to build the newsletter list to 150 people who are informed on a bi-monthly basis. We are looking forward to supporting Aloe Base with its very own store opening in 1060 Wien this summer.
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